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Oulton Park - 21 June 2003


Weather/track: Cloudy/dry
Pos No Class Driver Car Time
Laps Behind
kph mph
No times available - timing equipment failure

Oulton Park - Island - 21 June 2003


Weather/track: Cloudy/dry
Pos No Class Driver Car Race time
Laps Behind
mph Best
1 2 A Rick Lloyd +8 15:16.780 8
84.57 1:53.434 85.43
2 6 A Simon McDermott +8 15:46.801 8 30.021 81.89 1:56.028 83.52
3 54 B Peter Horsman +8 15:52.640 8 35.860 81.38 1:57.377 82.56
4 50 C Paul Burry +8 16:19.465 8 1:02.685 79.16 2:00.852 80.19
5 39 C Simon Orebi Gann +8 16:21.390 8 1:04.610 79.00 2:00.741 80.26
6 45 C Andy Green +8 16:21.711 8 1:04.931 78.97 2:00.388 80.50
7 56 A Tim Bryan +8 16:33.152 8 1:16.372 78.06 2:01.579 79.71
8 53 C Chris Dady +8 16:56.681 8 1:39.901 76.26 2:04.715 77.71
9 69 B Phil Hollins +8 16:57.234 8 1:40.454 76.22 2:04.663 77.74
10 71 D Kelvin Laidlaw +8 17:29.401 8 2:12.621 73.88 2:09.014 75.12
11 49 D Phil Goddard +8 15:19.125 7 1 lap 73.81 2:09.650 74.75
12 17 D Jack Bellinger +8 15:20.403 7 1 lap 73.71 2:09.678 74.73
13 16 A Richard Plant +8 15:21.783 7 1 lap 73.59 2:09.615 74.77
14 11 E David James +4 16:12.787 7 1 lap 69.74 2:16.648 70.92
15 34 E Peter Sargeant +4 16:24.209 7 1 lap 68.93 2:16.778 70.85

Oulton Park - 21 June 2003

Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4
No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time
2   1:59.588 2
1:53.937 2
1:53.553 2
6 4.648 2:04.236 6 6.739 1:56.028 6 9.236 1:56.050 6 13.009 1:57.454
54 5.756 2:05.344 54 10.127 1:58.308 54 15.232 1:58.658 54 20.125 1:58.574
50 8.409 2:07.997 50 16.172 2:01.700 50 25.691 2:03.072 50 33.772 2:01.762
39 10.642 2:10.230 39 18.811 2:02.106 39 27.144 2:01.886 45 34.423 2:00.388
45 11.199 2:10.787 45 19.098 2:01.836 45 27.716 2:02.171 39 35.949 2:02.486
56 11.833 2:11.421 56 21.412 2:03.516 56 29.438 2:01.579 56 37.768 2:02.011
69 16.510 2:16.098 53 28.693 2:05.280 53 40.808 2:05.668 53 53.882 2:06.755
53 17.350 2:16.938 69 29.893 2:07.320 69 41.948 2:05.608 69 54.521 2:06.254
49 18.389 2:17.977 71 35.000 2:10.002 71 51.557 2:10.110 71 1:06.890 2:09.014
71 18.935 2:18.523 49 35.294 2:10.842 49 52.373 2:10.632 49 1:08.342 2:09.650
17 20.021 2:19.609 17 36.022 2:09.938 17 52.785 2:10.316 17 1:08.782 2:09.678
16 20.932 2:20.520 16 36.610 2:09.615 16 53.753 2:10.696 16 1:09.699 2:09.627
11 25.494 2:25.082 11 48.205 2:16.648 11 1:13.046 2:18.394 11 1:38.079 2:18.714
34 29.077 2:28.665 34 53.839 2:18.699 34 1:19.569 2:19.283 34 1:42.666 2:16.778
Lap 5 Lap 6 Lap 7 Lap 8
No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time No Behind Lap time
2   1:53.511 2
1:53.982 2
1:53.434 2
6 17.614 1:58.116 11 1 Lap 2:18.200 6 26.892 1:58.926 49 1 Lap 2:09.759
54 23.991 1:57.377 34 1 Lap 2:17.886 54 33.551 1:59.381 17 1 Lap 2:10.142
50 41.607 2:01.346 6 21.400 1:57.768 11 1 Lap 2:18.649 16 1 Lap 2:11.228
39 43.179 2:00.741 54 27.604 1:57.595 34 1 Lap 2:22.250 6 30.021 1:58.223
45 44.089 2:03.177 50 49.170 2:01.545 50 56.927 2:01.191 54 35.860 1:57.403
56 46.984 2:02.727 39 50.541 2:01.344 39 58.088 2:00.981 11 1 Lap 2:17.100
53 1:06.088 2:05.717 45 51.212 2:01.105 45 58.546 2:00.768 50 1:02.685 2:00.852
69 1:06.710 2:05.700 56 56.113 2:03.111 56 1:06.816 2:04.137 39 1:04.610 2:01.616
71 1:22.542 2:09.163 53 1:17.658 2:05.552 53 1:30.280 2:06.056 45 1:04.931 2:01.479
49 1:24.744 2:09.913 69 1:18.166 2:05.438 69 1:30.885 2:06.153 34 1 Lap 2:20.648
17 1:25.261 2:09.990 71 1:37.797 2:09.237 71 1:54.576 2:10.213 56 1:16.372 2:04.650
16 1:26.329 2:10.141 49 1:41.114 2:10.352

53 1:39.901 2:04.715
      17 1:42.009 2:10.730

69 1:40.454 2:04.663
      16 1:42.303 2:09.956

71 2:12.621 2:13.139

Oulton Park (Island) - 21 June 2003

Fastest laps

mins:secs on kph mph *Circuit change
A Rick Lloyd +8 1:53.434 7 137.49 85.43 Lap record*
B Peter Horsman +8 1:57.377 5 132.88 82.56 Lap record*
C Andy Green +8 2:00.388 5 129.17 80.26 Lap record*
D Kelvin Laidlaw +8 2:09.014 4 120.89 75.12 Lap record*
E David James +4 2:16.648 2 114.14 70.92 Lap record8

Sunny, Timeless, Saturday

Oulton Park 21st June 2003

As Morgan drivers converged on Cheshire on Friday, some for testing, some to deposit their cars for race day the weather was dry and sunny but cool. After all those hot sunny days were we to be deprived of our shorts yet again? Those testing had one or two alarms. Chris Dady reappeared in the paddock very quickly as he had discovered how to go faster – stick your foot and the accelerator pedal to the floor with chewing gum. A little application of a petrol soaked rag and his footwear and car were soon as clean as Singapore. Paul Burry had to resort to a more expensive solution. He had been carefully bedding in his brakes and then went out for some flying laps. More flying than planned, as he finished unexpectedly in a welcoming gravel trap. As he returned to the paddock Liz was moved to reach for the fire extinguisher – smoke was pouring form the rear nearside wheel. When cool enough to touch, the wheel drum revealed charcoal brake pads – a recurring theme for some drivers this weekend. (It was interesting for an impartial observer to listen to Brian Gateson’s comments about drivers with heavy right feet as he dealt with the dust from the disintegrated pads. Those of you concerned know to whom he is referring......)

General advice to all was that Oulton is hard on brakes so try to use them less!

Race day dawned fine and dry, a real contrast with last year when we drove through fog to the circuit and the rain rained all day. A consequence of the clear skies was that Andy Green and son reported a very cold night in a tent in the paddock. Normal chaos as drivers gathered and headed for signing on and scrutineering. Several people were entered in additional races and confusion reigned as races were amalgamated and retimed. Further excitement as it was discovered that the timing system was non-functional and there was no back-up. An emergency phone call to Serena and Mark warned them that a “derived grid” would probably be necessary. This delayed their arrival at the circuit as they were already touring the leafy lanes of Cheshire trying to find a signpost saying Oulton and the extra distraction from map-reading did not help.

Scrutineering provided additional consternation, some of which lasted throughout the morning (and into the afternoon). Philip Goddard was found to have holes in his head (I thought all racing drivers had those?) – or rather the front of his helmet, where rivets were missing – but they let him proceed to practice. More seriously 3 cars failed the noise test. We all expected that Rick Lloyd would be one of them but he boasted that he was 101.6 before practice and 104.6 afterwards (what he blown out in the 15 minutes allowed?) Simon McDermott, Adam Jones and Tim Bryan were the culprits. Simon had the most serious problem with a score of 117 (105 is the limit) but he was able to solve this with judicious packing. Adam and Tim were only a couple of points over but found it difficult to get below the limit. Tim managed it and was allowed out to practise but Adam, despite carrying bags of what looked to me like roof insulation around the paddock, failed to achieve the required level. He missed it by only 1 dB but was not allowed out into another practice and went home, understandably very fed up.

And so to practice. In Class A, Rick and Simon McD were well ahead and both enjoyed the fine weather, though Simon was losing fuel pressure and cutting out occasionally and Rick enjoyed a sideways view of Old Hall. Their times were very similar so a good race was in prospect. Richard Plant was busy learning the full circuit which he had never driven before, but was revelling in his newly rebuilt rear suspension (a result of his “off” at Rockingham). Tim enjoyed practice but unfortunately lost the caps off his exhaust on the first lap and was accused of removing them in the pit garage beforehand. He took issue with this, asked to see the Clerk of the Course and, after much debate (about 2 hours in total), was allowed to race and rushed off to rebuild his silencers.

The two drivers in Class B had varied experiences. Phil Hollings had only managed a half day of testing because he broke down on the M6 on the way up – this was his reason (excuse?) for a slowish practice. He was found to be a bit loud but was allowed out to race with 105.1 dB. Peter Horsman on the other hand was fastish. His first off was when he missed the apex at the 2nd chicane and span, and his second off was when he went straight on at Island instead of turning left. Once he discovered the correct route round, he was fine.

Class C had 4 entries. Chris Dady found that without the chewing gum holding his accelerator down he was slower than in testing but had no alarms and kept his brakes intact. Simon Orebi Gann found that his Astralap timer was not working consistently and after his 3rd 4 minute lap nearly missed the first corner by paying more attention to his read-out than where he was going. Andy Green had had a frustrating morning. His Grand Plan No 1 was to enter an earlier race and get some laps in before the Morgan practice. This plan was stymied when the timing system did not work and they were brought in after only one lap. He adopted Grand Plan No 2 and followed Simon OG around (though not his line round the first corner) and tried not to overcook his brakes. Paul was determined to repeat his success in testing – but he bettered it. He got some fast laps in then noticed that his brake pedal was long again.... This time he had wrecked both back brakes. Soft shoes for the race, but would they last the course?

He was not alone. In Class D Kelvin Laidlaw was relaxed, but in the last couple of laps his brake pedal was reaching the floor and, having nearly gone off at Druids, he span at the chicane. I was there as he took off his brake drums and there were no linings left at all. Philip Goddard was slower than in testing because, having been off at Lodge on Friday, he calmed down – his brakes were OK. Jack Bellinger, of course, was having difficulty adapting to small winding circuits after his excursion at Le Mans. (If you want to know any more about Le Mans, just ask Jack, sit back and listen, and listen, and listen.)

David James had competition at last in Class E. Sadly it was because of Peter Sargeant’s accident on the way to Spa, but it was great to see two 4 cylinder cars out. Where are the rest of you? Peter found practice interesting as he hadn’t been in the car for a year and it handles rather differently from the Plus 8. He decided that he would follow David around. Pity that David didn’t know the way round himself, though he knew how to conserve his brakes – drive most of it in 3rd!

If you remember, there were no timers. Well, there were of course, because Liz, Nick from BHM and I were on the pit wall, as were the Lloyd crew and various electronic timers. So Serena had lots of clues about the grid order, including “gentlemen’s agreements” in Classes D and E about speed order. Within class it was relatively easy to put people in order but overlapping the classes was more of a challenge. A grid was produced and distributed, with Rick on pole. We were down to 15 as Chris Williams was missing and Adam had been disqualified on noise. Lots more confusion before the Morgan race as announcements came about drivers’ briefings and amalgamation of races. Some of our drivers were in the immediately preceding race and so were being called and called to the collecting area while they were still refuelling (and probably replacing brakes) from the previous race.

At last, The Start:

Confused to say the least! Was there a green flag lap or not? Worryingly, Philip G said “Saw red lights so that means GO”. But loads of others didn’t, were surprised, thought they were going round again before the real thing – Boys, we’ve heard some excuses for poor starts in our time, but really.....!

There were mixed fortunes at the off. Rick got away well – but Simon McD applied too many revs and his rear tyres lit up. Paul Burry and Peter Horsman got ahead of him into the first corner, surprising Rick seeing Peter alongside him. Peter took his proper place ahead of Paul and, at Knickerbrook, Simon McD flew past Peter to take, and then retain, 2nd overall. Andy had been confused about the green flag giving Simon OG and Tim the chance to get ahead of him. Tim was soon passed by Andy and then “had lots of fun on a lovely circuit having overcome the Witches of Cheshire.” (I think he means the noise men). Chris Dady had a normal start but as he backed off at the first corner Philip G got ahead. The 2 Philips had been waiting for green flags and going on red lights or whatever, but had lost places as Kelvin and Jack made headway. Kelvin’s start was good but Jack’s was “demon “ with a better line into the first corner. They both passed Richard Plant who knew he had the power but backed off to preserve his car... Both David and Peter S had poor starts but this did not affect their positions.

By the end of Lap 1 everyone was back in their original positions with the exception of Kelvin and Jack being ahead of Richard. Chris had passed Philip G at the Water Tower and Kelvin overtook Jack braking into Island Bend.

Lap 2 gave us some exciting overtaking. Chris Dady passed Phil H at Cascades but then diced with him for the whole of the rest of the race. Kelvin overtook Philip G at the 2nd chicane where he held the line and accelerated out well and kept ahead from then on. Class C then started a bit of a skirmish with Andy overtaking Simon OG on the inside at the hairpin and sitting on Paul’s bumper. When he tried to get past Paul on the grass at Lodge the next time round Simon OG took the opportunity to get back in front.

From then on there was no further overtaking. Jan and I taking down the lap charts thought that Serena’s grid had been far too good and made a boring race. But it was not boring at all. OK, at the front they got a bit spread out with Rick on his own clocking 1.53, lap after lap; Simon McD happily back in the Morgan fold with a car that works; Peter H finally finding the correct route through the double apex; and Paul conserving his brakes.

We also had Andy and Simon OG within spitting distance of each other and, in the last 2 laps Paul, with any one of the 3 of them the possible winner of Class C. Chris was having his own continuing battle with Phil H who was always with him. AND we had Philip G and Jack providing racing of the first order not only for the off-track spectators but also for Richard who was following them. “Brilliant show” with Jack sliding all over the place, and very nearly past at Lodge except that Philip kept the right line (“Locked up” said Jack). Lots of grass involved but no change of position.

The gentlemen at the rear in Class E paid each other compliments as usual, though Peter S found this car harder to turn in than his Plus 8. David drove “far too well – perfectly”. At the end of the race the red mist appeared in a most unexpected place. Kelvin, who after lap 6 had no brakes, ignored the brightly lit headlights of Rick as they approached the chequered flag and earned himself an extra lap. Just pride.....

Rick was first overall with Simon McD in second. Peter H, Class B winner with a new lap record of 1.57.37, and Phil H second. Paul 1st in Class C, with Simon OG second and Andy with a new lap record of 2.00.39. Kelvin won Class D, Philip G second and David won Class E with second going to Peter S. As Simon OG collected his second in class cup dressed in his dinner jacket ready for the next social engagement, he called for a better standard of dress from all for the prize-giving. “Waiter, bring me a drink” called Andy. A few moments later, as driver of the day, Simon was able to oblige with champagne in all the cups.

Oulton is a long way for many of us, Mallory is more central. Tony Oliver is organising it on behalf of the Morgan Motor Company Challenge. So can we have a few more entrants there for the 13th please?

Kate Orebi Gann (with thanks to Liz Burry, Roving Reporter)