Morgan people at the Le Mans Classic in 2004

For cars that either raced at Le Mans or are of a type that raced at Le Mans, racing on the full 24 hour circuit (only open two other times in the year - as it costs around 800,000 Euros to close the public roads, etc).

A fantastic weekend with an amazing amount of classic cars all in one place

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1939 Morgan 4-4
Grid 1, No 36

John Clarke & team
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1957 Lotus 11
Grid 3, No 46

Owned by James Paterson and driven by
James Paterson & Chris Acklam

1956 Morgan Plus 4
Grid 3, No 36

TOK was back at Le Mans again this year
driven by owner Rick Bourne and Chris Phillips.

1959 Lotus 17
Grid 3, No 42

Peter Horsman & Rick Lloyd were racing the first production model Lotus 17 (out of a total of 23 built), which was delivered to Ian Walker Racing on 9 April 1959.

Raced variously in international races by Ian Walker and Alan Stacey, it suffered from the 'sudden oversteer' design fault on 17s, subsequently corrected by Lotus retro-fit front suspension mods.

1959 Morgan Plus 4
Grid 3, No 61

Originally manufactured as left hand drive and exported to New York, USA, the car returned to Europe from Canada as a non-runner in 1994. Malcolm Paul purchased her in bits in early 2002 from Holland and then she was totally rebuilt to FIA spec by Libra Motive and first raced in July '03.

The car competes in the Gentleman Drivers' Series as well as the Le Mans Classic, being co-driven by Rob Wells, who is also responsible for the car's preparation.

1962 Morgan Plus 4
Grid 3, No 67

Found in a barn in Canterbury in 2002 and bought by Gabriel Kremer.

Restored by BHM to FIA specification for racing
at the Classic Le Mans and other International historic races.

GWP was driven by Gabriel and his son Dion and supported by Gabriel's wife, Celia.

1962 Deep Sanderson 301
Grid 4, No 36


1968 Deep Sanderson 302
Grid 5, No 36


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1963 Morgan Plus 4 SS
Grid 3, No 38